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        "HENAN  ICECOMAN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD"  was established in 1996, the company is located in N0.52 Hexie South Road,liang yuan industrial concentration area, Shang qiu city,  Henan province. It Is a company dedicated to the electronic product microcomputer (MCU) control system design and development, specializing in the production, electronic processing, product sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in refrigeration products and catering kitchen equipment automation embedded intelligent control system...

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        • Corporate vision


          Quality and technology as the benchmark to create first-class products and services
          Strive to build a well-known kitchen con...
        • Corporate mission


          Forge ahead, dare to be the first
          High technology starting point, high product quality, high service grade
        • Corporate philosophy


          Quality, brand and character
          Scientific and technological innovation, quality-oriented, quality service, reputation first
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